Järveotsa Quailfarm

Matjama quail farm was established in 1978 by the local Forestry Institute. Since 2001 The farm operates under the name Järveotsa quailfarm. There are 10,000 main flock birds in the lake quail farm. The main products are quail eggs and meat. The farm produces up to 12 million eggs and 25 tons of meat per year. Production is mainly sold in Estonia, to a small extent also in Finland.


1976 The Kaiavere quail farm was founded in Estonia. The quail eggs produced there were used in the USSR to produce vaccines and were used for breeding. Crossing different breeds, a new breed was bred there. was recognized as the Estonian quail. It is an egg-meat bird, weighs 200-300g and lays 280-300 eggs a year. Currently Estonian quail is an endangered breed (up to 10,000 specimens), Järveotsa Quailfarm is the largest Estonian quail population farm in Estonia. To maintain and maintain the endangered Estonian quail, Järveotsa Quailfarm receives support for keeping endangered breeds from the ERDP 2014-2020 measure 10.1.6.