Järveotsa Quail Farm

You need so little for luck!

Biggest quail farm in Europe and the Skandinavian countries. 60 000 birds, we produce quail meat and eggs.


AboutJärveotsa Quail farm

Matjama quail farm was established in 1978 by the local Forestry Institute. Since 2001 The farm operates under the name Järveotsa quail farm. There are 10,000 main flock birds in the lake quail farm. The main products are quail eggs and meat. The farm produces up to 12 million eggs and 25 tons of meat per year. Production is mainly sold in Estonia, to a small extent also in Finland.

baby quailquail eggs

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Eluslindude müük

Eluslindude müük

Järveotsa Vutifarmi eluslindude müük! F…

Retsept: Kentuky vutt

Retsept: Kentuky vutt

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To get to us, drive from Tartu to Tartu-Jõhvi road. You have to go out, according to the Aovere crossroads keeper At the signpost to Kallaste, the Kallaste road should be driven to the 13 km post (right hand small post with blue license plate) and its local inconsistent to the left, this road had to be 400 m and you got to the right place.


Järveotsa Vutifarm
Alajõe, 60403 Peipsiääre vald,
Tartumaa, ESTONIA