* How longs do quails live?

Quails have an average life span of 5-6 years, but quail is in its first year of life.


* What do you need to keep an eye on to raise quails?

Quails are sensitive to cold air and drafts. Temperatures between 20 ° and 22 ° C ensure the best laying. As the temperature drops, egg laying decreases, so at 10 ° C eggs should not be expected as quail directs energy to maintain body heat. Humidity should be between 50-70%. The best length of day is considered to be 14 hours. Each quilt should have 60-100cm2 of floor space. The bottom of the cage could be a net and underneath the cage, for example, an easily cleanable box or the like. However, if there are no cleaning problems, sawdust or peat can be placed at the bottom of the cage and you can use the resulting mixture as a very powerful fertilizer. Water should be constantly on the front. The water can be placed simply on the base of the flowerpot (clay is better as it does not turn around when stepping on). Another is a smaller plate with a 1 kg plastic shashlik bucket upside down. This opening, which is pulled out when the package is opened, is currently draining water onto the plate. Drip drinkers for rodents can also be used successfully.


* When do quails start laying eggs? How many eggs lay quail a year?

There are fluctuations of a few days, but as a rule, quails start laying at 42-50 days of age. The annual egg production per bird is 280-320 eggs, but there are also exceptions, eg 15 eggs per year.


* Why do quails sometimes become aggressive and attack their fellow species?

The cause may be too bright, try to keep the birds dim.


* How much food does a quart take per day?

The daily feed consumption of one quail is 30-50g. depending on whether it is an egg-type or a meat-type quail. NB! Clean drinking water must always be available.


* What to do when eggshell becomes weaker?

In this case, lime scale or crushed mussel bark must be added to the feed.


* Help, I have run out of quail food, what can I give them?

It is still best to feed quail, but as long as it is not possible to buy a complete ration, then a couple of days may give them something else at hand. The parrot food itself has not tried to give, but you may still get started. For example, you could buy barley, finer oatmeal and semolina at the store. Our birds haven't got green on the farm directly, but at about 1-1,5 months old we can also offer Chinese cabbage, so they start to like it quite quickly. Home Farmers Experience.

However, as a general rule, it is recommended that you obtain complete quail feed somewhere as a matter of urgency. Some days can work this way, but if you stay longer, you should worry about something more serious. If complete feed for egg yolk cannot be purchased anywhere, complete feed for laying hens or complementary feed for laying hens is suitable, to which should be added pure whole wheat.


* Is it safe to eat eggs made for hatching?

Yes, fresh hatching eggs may be eaten, but not stored in the incubator.


* Why preference to quail eggs produced in the Lake District?

There is a different recipe for feeding the lake, adding linseed oil to the food and increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in the egg. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids to our body are widely known.

For example, omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood cholesterol levels, which are particularly important for the development of children.